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Hello and welcome to my woodworking website. I am a second generation woodworker with a long and varied background. I have done many different types of woodworking and operate a modern wood shop from my home. I live in the Old Town area of Tehachapi, California, hence the name Old Town Woodwork. I intend this blog to be an information source for the woodworker. I have acquired a huge amount of information related to woodworking through the years, and I will use this blog format to document the learning process. Woodworking is very rewarding but can be difficult to master. I will explain what techniques have worked for me in the past, and because I have performed many different types of woodworking tasks, and will continue to do so, I will help demystify some of the difficult aspects of the process.

Why a Blog?
Why did I start a blog about woodworking? I had thought about having a website, to display some of my woodworking creations for some time. A blog to me, is just a natural progression of a website because it allows you to record your thoughts, experiences, and share them with others. It also forces me to sit down and document things as I go for anyone who is interested enough to read it.

My father was a woodworker later in his life, but I got the passion when I was very young. One of the regrets that I have in my life is that all the knowledge that my father obtained over the years died with him except for the tiny amount that he passed on to me. Many times I have wished that I could ask him how he built something. He did leave me a great collection of wooden cars, and furniture, that he built during his lifetime, that will live on, with me. I also want to build things that will outlive me, and this blog will allow me to document how some of the items that I build were created.

I learned mostly by watching my Dad, but I also learned a great deal as a Damage Controlman in the United States Coast Guard. My last two years in the Coast Guard I worked with a great bunch of guys in the Carpenter Shop at Base Terminal Island at San Pedro, California. During my assignment there we built a garage for the Admiral, remodeled the barracks, poured concrete at several of the local Coast Guard Facilities, and even poured a concrete sidewalk at Richard Nixon’s Western Whitehouse. The shop was quite large, and had many of the Woodworking Machines and Power tools you would expect in a well equipped shop. It was there that I learned how to use power tools to do jobs quickly and efficiently.

My woodworking has taken on a faster pace since I retired from my real job in 2006. Within just a few months afterward, I had purchased new tools, and created several pieces of furniture for my living room. My wife and I remodeled all three of the bathrooms in our house, and I built a Greenhouse and completely remodeled both of my workshops. Now I am starting an internet based woodworking business and have started this website and blog.

I intend to use this blog to document the building process for projects that I complete, and record some information that I have learned along the way for fellow woodworkers. Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” So I want to involve any woodworker, or potential woodworker to join in on this blog and put in your 2 cents worth. Join the blog and write some blog posts. Ask me any questions that you like, and I will do my best to answer them. Somewhere in the process we will both learn a little more about woodworking.

In the weeks and months ahead I have many subjects pertaining to woodworking that I intend to write about. If there is something you want more info on or want more detail about, just contact me through this website.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m looking for a bar top approximately 2″ x 10″ x 10′ (feet). I’m not too picky about the type of wood just something that could be stained a maple color. I know it’s probably not too exciting for you but would make a nice addition to our kitchen. Are you able to make this – and do you have an estimate as to price? Appreciate any help you can give.

    Thank you,
    Chris B

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